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Still Unbelievable: Why after listening to Christian arguments we remain skeptics is a response to Justin Brierley’s excellent first book, *Unbelievable: Why after 10 years of talking to atheists, I'm still a Christian*. We found it to be a book worth reading, and worthy of a response. All of the contributors to this book are longtime fans of the *Unbelievable* podcast. At least one of us leaves a comment and engages in discussion on the show page every week.

Because Justin is such a good moderator, we often found ourselves unsure of what he really thought on some of the topics discussed on the show. We were eager to see Justin lay out his views and get a better sense of what was behind his enduring faith.

After reading the book, we wanted more. We wanted more insight into his personal conversion experience. We wanted more commentary on important doctrines that are routinely featured on the show. We wanted more response to good rebuttals we have heard from nonbelievers who have been guests on the show.

The podcast has always been a conversation between people of different views. And we viewed his book in the same way. But a book can only ever be one side of the conversation. *Still Unbelievable: why after listening to Christian arguments we remain skeptics* is our side of the conversation. It is also our way of asking Justin for more.

We are in communication with Justin, as we have been throughout the project. He was good enough to send us advance copies of his book. And we have kept him in the loop on ours. We expect that there will be an upcoming show appearance where some of us will get to sit down with Justin and talk about the book. The details still have to be hammered out.

So before you download a copy of *Still Unbelievable: why after listening to Christian arguments we remain skeptics*, please leave your email address so that we can add you to our mailing list and let you know what to expect and when so that you will have plenty of time to save the date.

Just so you know, Reason Press has more projects in the works. David is over half way done with * Red Letters: A Closer Look at the Worst  Moral and Practical Teachings in History*. It is a book that directly takes on the notion that Jesus was far from a good teacher.

Finally, we want to hear from you. Send questions or comments to the feedback page. We reserve the right to use any feedback in upcoming books, blogposts, and any other materials we produce. If you want feedback from a particular author, please indicate that in your query. And we will do our best to make that happen.

Skeptics and Seekers is a unique blog experience. We call it the Reason Press Mirror Blog or just Mirror Blog for short.

Each Skeptics and Seekers topic is covered by two writers, one skeptic and one seeker. These blogs serve two purposes. The first is to provide a skeptics view and a seekers view on the exact same topic. The second goal is to illuminate the difference in thinking between skeptics and seekers, so that we can better understand eachother.

The first installment of what will be at least a weekly blog is available here.

AAAA, no, its not a typo. Its Ask An Atheist Anything, and its coming soon as a podcast from Reason Press.

AAAA will be a semi-live call-in podcast, with hosts from around the world. The idea behind each episode is to take real spiritual questions from people around the world but provide some preparation before the recorded call. This early preparation will allow the hosts and the questioners to swap early information so that the calls proceed without the usual hesitations common to live caller shows.

The other obvious benefit is that both sides can have some prepared statements and resources readily available.

If you are interested in this format and would like to participate, please let us know

and include AAAA in the title. We are preparing our first shows. So, you have the opportunity to ask anything and help shape the future direction of the podcast.