Still Unbelievable: Why after listening to Christian arguments we remain skeptics, is licensed under the

Creative Commons Attribution-NonDerivs (CC BY-ND) license.

This book is freely distributable as a complete work. Derivitative works are not permitted.

Special Thanks

Every project has people who accept tasks and do jobs they did not initially anticipate, and ours is not different.

Matthew Taylor worked as a primary editor in addition to his chapter contributions and provided a great deal of project leadership. Without his work, this book would not exist.

Sophie Dumas designed our cover art and contributed to the editing of our book.

TylerB from the Unbelievable? Disqus boards contributed the original idea for this work and gave his time editing the final draft.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to the Atheist Keyboard Warriors on the Unbelievable? Disqus boards. You know who you are, and we thank each of you for your support in this project. Your fingerprints are in these pages.